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[edit] Citizens of Virtue

[edit] Press Release

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Announces “Virtual Virtues” Campaign to Combat Threat to Youth

A sweeping wave of “alternate reality” games is steering our nation down a dangerous path, according to the Citizens of Virtue (C.O.V.), a Christian organization dedicated to improving Christian lifestyles around the world.

Alternate reality games plunge players into a world where fiction and reality are turned topsy-turvy. They take place online and, often, in the real world as well. It is common for an alternate reality game, or A.R.G., to fail to identify itself as a work of fiction, even in its external statements of what it is.

Savannah Merks, a representative of the organization, said, “These alternate reality games are far worse than hazards like roleplaying games or violent videogames. At least with those, the damage is contained to a few players at once. With alternate reality games, literally millions of people could be caught up simultaneously in a mindaltering swirl of confused thinking. We must protect our children from these dangers and, instead, fill their minds with virtuous thoughts.”

To combat A.R.G.s and other threats to decency, the Citizens of Virtue will be launching a powerful online campaign called the “Seven Virtual Virtues.” Each week for seven weeks, Citizens of Virtue founder, Pastor Bryson Grace, will lead the world on a soul-seeking exploration of one of the seven cardinal virtues (Temperance, Patience, Chastity, Kindness, Humility, Diligence, and Charity). The first virtue, Temperance, launches on October 8, 2008.

“Those alternate reality games call themselves immersive,” said Merks. “We’ll show them what immersive really means.”

For more information on the Virtual Virtues campaign, please visit

About the Citizens of Virtue
The Citizens of Virtue, led by Pastor Bryson Grace, is a global, Christian organization dedicated to spreading God’s Word, championing the family, and making it easy for the world’s fallen to return to the path of virtue. The organization boasts more than ten million followers worldwide. Their international headquarters are located in Kansas City, Missouri.


If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Pastor Bryson Grace, please call Savannah Merks at 1-888-64-VIRTU (648-4788) or email Savannah at
"You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand." — John 13:7
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