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[edit] Daily Inspirations


These inspirations have hidden meanings in the form of riddles. The 'answer' for each Daily inspiration, when applied to the Weekly inspiration, produces a message.

  1. Temperance:
  2. Patience:
  3. Chastity:
  4. Kindness: ...
  5. Humility: ...
  6. Diligence: ...
  7. Charity: ...

[edit] Week of Kindness

[edit] Daily: 10/29/2008

When you find yourself afflicted, a
healer will come with the proper
tool to save you; and you shall
remember who he was and how
you felt before your salvation.
[edit] Analysis

[edit] Daily: 10/30/2008

The devil may punish a child,
remove her from the surface of
the earth, and leave her reduced
to powder; find shelter in the
[edit] Analysis
  • numerous references to GROUND?

[edit] Daily: 10/31/2008

The profligate man should
beware, lest war set him
[edit] Analysis
  • 'lest war' anagrammed is WASTREL, a 'profligate man'

[edit] Week of Chastity

[edit] Daily: 10/22/2008

My childhood's crossroads were
when I needed to keep the wolf
at bay. I turned to the Good Book.
My last fears would be calmed by
hearing the goods words of Peter,
and following the lead of David.
[edit] Analysis
  • Last word of each line: "were wolf Book by Peter David"
  • HOWLING MAD? Also a member of the A-Team

[edit] Daily: 10/23/2008

So-called "scientific discourse"
is only to be embraced in a
godly way. There are those who
run around shouting "Y is X!"
and "B is A!" But we all know
there is only one Word that matters.
[edit] Analysis
  • "Y is X", "B is A" - the only word following that pattern is "DISC"; Discourse?
  • B.A. is a member of the A-Team

[edit] Daily: 10/24/2008

Some will succumb to baleful
demons. They will need only the
rations provided by that which
would offer the easiest link.
[edit] Analysis
  • "demons" and "rations", "DEMONS(T)RATIONS" = missing a "T"?
  • Mr. T is a member of the A-Team

[edit] Daily: 10/25/2008

Was it He who battled inner wars,
struck with terror, stuck in a
hard place, had all hope taken,
expecting to fail, felt frail, fearing
vanishing, leading up to this?
[edit] Analysis
  • "was/wars", "struck/stuck", "hard/had", "frail/fail", "vanishing/?" - VARNISHING missing an "R"?

[edit] Daily: 10/26/2008

One unites in unnatural rituals,
listens to irrational treasons,
salutes until isolationist trials
untie relations, as one is true
to one's state–alas, still no soul.
[edit] Analysis
  • the entire phrase is made of the letters "oneuisatrl"
  • (after solving the weekly) ULTRANATIONALIST can be made with one or more of the letters used above

[edit] Daily: 10/27/2008

Grief can inspire as well as
destroy. Poet Elizabeth Barrett
Browning was sent into a deep
depression by her beloved
brother’s drowning, and then
made the most holy connection.
[edit] Analysis
  • "drowning" to "browning" - "CROWNING"?

[edit] Weekly: 10/28/2008

Let no obstacle thwart your
progress. If the quicksand and
murk hold you back, use your
faith to set you free. If all around
you are plagued by pests,
demand that there will be no
slacking off on God's watch. If
the troubled riot against injustice,
be serene in the knowledge that
God's will is coating your soul.

[edit] Chastity Solution

  • Using the following answer:
    10/22) HOWLING MAD
    10/23) DISC
    10/25) VARNISHING
    10/27) CROWNING
  • synonyms/answers to the daily words are found in the weekly, but with three letters missing:
    DISC =
[edit] Message
  • Report the person in an 'Unchaste act'?

[edit] Week of Patience

[edit] Daily: 10/15/2008

Before you venture into dark
territory, know that the
conclusion is not foregone,
nor is the beginning ordained.
[edit] Analysis
  • OREGON Trail? States? 54-40?

[edit] Daily: 10/16/2008

When all the counting on this
night is complete, the world shall
start its days anew.

Numbers 10:9-8
[edit] Analysis
  • NEW YEAR'S EVE/DAY 12-31? 1-1?

[edit] Daily: 10/17/2008

Cheer on noble values.
Eschew new inconstancies.
Embrace new commitments.
Excoriate specious testimonies.
Originate religious expressions.
[edit] Analysis
  • First letter of each word: CONVENIENCESTORE. 7-11?

[edit] Daily: 10/18/2008

So little man has made will last.
Each mighty edifice shall be
reduced to crumblets. This
is not even a question.
[edit] Analysis
  • "not even" letters of "crumblets"? Cubes?
[edit] Solution
  • CrUmBlEs; CUBES. 1^3 and 2^3 and 3^3 = 1-8-27

[edit] Daily: 10/19/2008

Fear not the sting of bitterness;
when your faith is split in twain,
have no doubt that you will
persevere in the game of life.
[edit] Analysis
  • Sting? (Shania) Twain? No Doubt? - football?
[edit] Solution
  • Final score of Superbowl XXXVII (half-time musical guests) was 21-48

[edit] Daily: 10/20/2008

The faithless fish fears catching
the hook in its jaws. The faithful
tiger always looks forward to
the duel.
[edit] Analysis
  • Hook, Jaws, Duel, Big Fish, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Always - All connected to Steven Spielburg?
[edit] Solution
  • "1941" also directed by SS. 19-41

[edit] Weekly: 10/21/2008

Dry your eyes. When a personal,
apocalypse batted you down,
playing loss against fear demands
that you surrender first your control
of self, letting you bask in changes
across the board. To ascend, you
must bathe in a holy fire, struggle
against your inner demons, and
then nail your pain to the cross.
Base the new you on Christ.

[edit] Patience Solution

  • Using the following number sets:
    10/15) Oregon (54-40)
    10/16) New Years Eve (12-31)
    10/17) Convenience Store (7-11)
    10/18) Cubes (1-8-27)
    10/19) Superbowl XXXVII (48-21)
    10/20) Spielburg (19-41)
  • Pull out the words:
    base/fire, loss/board, apocalypse/playing, dry/batted/in, nail/control, first/struggle
  • What are the missing words for each set?
[edit] Message
  • Report the person in an 'Impatient act'?

[edit] Week of Temperance


[edit] Daily: 10/8/2008

All men are like grass, and all
their glory is like the first of six
groups of the field.

TNIV, 1 Peter
[edit] Analysis
  • "first of six" likely referring to the Faithless Fourteen puzzle - first letter of the sixth word of each lyric
[edit] Solution
  • Group: FLOWERS ("first of six groups" replaced "flowers")

[edit] Daily: 10/9/2008

Whoever steals from another
has stolen from God. He deems
any man who desires foreign
gold as desiring foreign ideas.
Second to none, your Lord can
take heart in your will to leave
it behind at the gate, casting
off what you have left.

TNIV, Exodus
[edit] Analysis
  • "behind at the gate" similar to "beyond the gate"?
  • first words of each line: "Whoever has any gold Second take it off"
[edit] Solution
  • Group: JEWELRY (scripture reference to jewelry)

[edit] Daily: 10/10/2008

The word that you too desire
will be invoked at least tenfold.
[edit] Analysis
  • Theory: "you too desire" refers to U2's song Desire, where "desire" is repeated over 10 times
[edit] Solution
  • Group: MONEY (see analysis)

[edit] Daily: 10/11/2008

Mighty kings may keep
hundreds of pomegranates
carefully chained in rows.
But the humble man knows
where atop their pillars they
would go.
[edit] Analysis
  • hundreds of pomegranates represents prosperity
  • pomegranates and pillars point to King Solomon's Temple (1 Kings 7:18-20)
[edit] Solution
  • Group: CAPITALS (the pomegranates were on the capitals (TNIV) of the pillars)

[edit] Daily: 10/12/2008

Consider: If those who worship
with the multitudes worship "in
large denominations," how shall
those who worship in splinter
groups worship?
[edit] Analysis
  • Theory: "large denominations" = money?
[edit] Solution
  • Group: INSECTS (in splinter groups = "in sects")

[edit] Daily: 10/13/2008

You who would cast the first
stone, learn from the Quileute
speakers: "Condemns" is not
in their vocabulary.
[edit] Analysis
  • The Quileute language is one of five known languages to not have sounds for M or N, thus "condemns" = "codes"
[edit] Solution
  • Group: CODES (see above)

[edit] Weekly: 10/14/2008

Though inclement weather may
rise, I shall not hide in a barn like
a mouse. My future is not some
treasure locked in a shrine out of
my reach. The pan of daily bread
that is mine is at my beck and call,
send from above like parts of an
angelic aria. The warring factions
shall obey me, for even a hound
can sip from a chalice.
[edit] Analysis
  • key phrases? "inclement weather", "hide in a barn like a mouse", "treasure locked in a shrine", "pan of daily bread", "beck and call", "angelic aria", "warring factions", "hound can sip from a chalice"

[edit] Temperance Solution

  • 10/8) Flowers: (W)eather=(H)eather, r(I)se=r(O)se, dai(L)y=dai(S)y
  • 10/9) Jewelry: locke(D)=locke(T), p(A)n=p(I)n, (W)arring=(E)arring
  • 10/10) Money: b(E)ck=b(U)ck, (S)ent=(C)ent, (H)ound=(P)ound
  • 10/11) Capitals: b(A)rn=b(E)rn, (S)ome=(R)ome, par(T)s=par(I)s
  • 10/12) Insects: r(E)ach=r(O)ach, mi(N)e=mi(T)e, an(D) -> an(T)
  • 10/13) Codes: mo(U)se=moRse, ar(I)a=ar(E)a, (S)ip=(Z)ip
[edit] Message
  • Report the person in an 'Intemperate act'?
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