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[edit] Email from Lila - Oct 5, 2008

From: Lila Greene <greenethumb>
Date: October 5 2008
Subject: Looking for Xander Greene

You don't know me, but I'm e-mailing you anyway in hopes you know my nephew, Xander Greene. A website you go to is one of the ones bookmarked on his old computer, and your e-mail was available? I'm not the best with computer etiquette, so forgive me if I'm intruding. Gardening's more my speed (see my website if you want to see!).

Xander hasn't been checking his band's myspace page or answering e-mails recently. He got involved with a group that claims to be right-thinking, but has a bit too much right and a bit too little thinking as far as I'm concerned.

Please let me know if you have any information on Xander. I'm very worried about him.

Lila Greene
KJV SoS 'henna'
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