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[edit] The Pattern

Theory from Projectyl

  • Each of these themes (columns) comes in 7 'stages', and likely match up to spread over the 7 weeks of the campaign.

DateVirtueSinColorPrincipleCoV MinistryCityCoV BigwigDismissal reasonSeven Member
10/8 Temperance Gluttony Violet (4) Moderation (6) Intellectual Properties Providence, RI Wilfred Dawes Has 10 DUI's Xander Greene
10/15 Patience Wrath Indigo (2) Child (2) Camp Francis Spokane, WA Alejandra Gonzales Runs secret gun class Tabitha Cole
10/22 Chastity Lust Blue (5) Sex (5) Research Center/Passionix Indianapolis, IN Justin Janes Frequents brothels Kevin Kressig
10/29 Kindness Envy Green (7) Community (3) Pledge Center Columbus, OH Eli Richter Stole donations Carmen Rodgers
11/5 Humility Pride Yellow (6) Beginner's Mind (7) Merchandise Center Ft. Lauderdale, FL Savannah Merks Lied on resume Gareth Blayne
11/12 Diligence Sloth Orange (3) Marriage (1) Outreach Center Mesa, AZ Leon Lutz Hasn't left Aruba Jack Bass?
11/19 Charity Greed Red (1) Forgiveness (4) National Headquarters Kansas City, MO Bryson Grace

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