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[edit] Puzzles

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[edit] Pledge card

Week: Kindness

[edit] Daily inspirations

(ongoing weekly)

[edit] The Pattern

[edit] Solved

[edit] Passionix Brochure

Week: Chastity

[edit] Reporting an Act
  • With each virtue update comes the ability to "report someone in an (anti-virtue) act" by submitting a name.
  • Once the unvirtuous act is discovered, that employee is quickly dismissed from the Citizens of Virtue organization.
[edit] Camp Francis letters

Week: Patience

  • Initially, the letters were plain text, but have since been re-posted as images
  • The 4th letter, from "Tabitha", contains a mysterious repetition of the word 'VENT' - once per line.
[edit] Faithless Fourteen

Week: Temperance

  • Messages are included in the Temperance virtue updates on October 8th.
[edit] Part 1


  1. Daily inspiration for October 8th
  2. Muted portion of scripture narration in the devotional video
  3. Notes repeated at the end of Bryson's devotional video


  1. "first of six groups" seems to indicate the first letter of the 6th word of each of the Faithless Fourteen lyrics, as with #2
  2. The muted portion is the phrase "instruments for noble purposes"

    Odd instruments are heard in the song I'll Find the Way, by IOOEAA. The first letter of the instruments' names that are heard spell: SXTHWRDFCHTRCK. Add the letters IOOEAA to spell SIXTH WORD OF EACH TRACK
  3. the notes are: F A C A D E
  • Result:
    The first letters of the 6th words in the songs' lyrics spell HISRAGTIMEBAND, which leads to Xander's Ragtime Band on Myspace. The page has one song with the lyrics written out, and is titled Facade.
[edit] Part 2


  1. Lila posts an old photo of Xander, saying he loved the Beatles.


  1. Each line of FACADE contains a word that appears only once in all Beatles song lyrics. The first letter of each song spells out: SHECANCOPYRIGHTMYSONGS
[edit] Part 3
  • Lila is prompted to copyright the Faithless Fourteen, which Xander wrote, in an effort to thwart the Citizens of Virtue who used them online.
[edit] JWTSC Endnotes
  • The scripture references noted at the end of each chapter's endnotes seem unrelated to the chapter itself.
  • Using the chapter and verse numbers as indexes to the letters of the book names themselves, a message is formed:
  • Following the instructions leads to
[edit] Help save the seven
[edit] Lila's Signature
Lila Greene
KJV SoS 'henna'
  • KJV refers to the 'King James Version' of the Bible
  • SoS refers to
    the book Song of Solomon
  • 'henna' is
    a plant mentioned in Song of Solomon in versions other than the KJV
  • in the KJV, 'henna' is
    called "camphire"
  • Solution:
    when "camphire" is input as the search term at Fruitofthegarden.com, you are forwarded to The Garden Wall
[edit] Daily inspirations
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