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[edit] Timeline, Story so far

[edit] Discovery

[edit] October 1

[edit] October 2

  • Savannah comments in the CoV Facebook group:
God bless you all and remember to check out the Virtual Virtues campaign starting on Wednesday. You can find it on our website! www.citizensofvirtue.com I can't wait for it to begin! It is a far cry from the so-called Christianity found at www.jesuswantstosavechristians.com
  • Savannah comments in the JWtSC Facebook group:
Dear Mr. Bell and Mr. Golden, I believe it would do you a world of good to come to www.citizensofvirtue.com. We have a new Virtual Virtues campaign that shows the true meaning of spirituality. Humanism and NOOMAn-ism is not what the Lord intended. I've seen www.jesuswantstosavechristians.com. Do you think religion is some sort of a game?

[edit] October 5

[edit] October 6

[edit] October 7

  • Savannah comments in the CoV Facebook group:
Greetings Everyone! It is so good to see you all here supporting the Citizens of Virtue. Don't forget to tell everyone you know about our Virtual Virtues campaign. It starts tomorrow! Wednesday, October 8th. Yours in prayer!

[edit] October 8

[edit] October 9

[edit] October 10

  • The Catalyst event takes place, along with the National Youth Workers Convention. Virtu-Volunteers appear and hand out cards to attendees for each of the seven virtues.

[edit] October 11

  • Savannah comments in the CoV Facebook group:
I hope you all are enjoying the first of our seven Virtual Virtues. Unfortunately, I've been so busy working on this campaign that I haven't had any time to read your posts! Be sure to keep up with everything going on at the Citizens of Virtue on the website. Oh, and some of our merchandise is now available!
  • The CoV Events page is updated with a video compilation from the Passion event.
  • Certain community members begin receiving letters in the mail containing a collection of the seven virtues cards that were handed out by the [[Virtu-Volunteers].
  • Some CoV Merchandise has been made available, via Cafepress
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