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[edit] Puzzles

[edit] Unsolved

[edit] Pledge card

Week: Kindness

[edit] Daily inspirations

(ongoing weekly)

[edit] The Pattern

[edit] Solved

[edit] Passionix Brochure

Week: Chastity

[edit] Reporting an Act
  • With each virtue update comes the ability to "report someone in an (anti-virtue) act" by submitting a name.
  • Once the unvirtuous act is discovered, that employee is quickly dismissed from the Citizens of Virtue organization.
[edit] Camp Francis letters

Week: Patience

  • Initially, the letters were plain text, but have since been re-posted as images
  • The 4th letter, from "Tabitha", contains a mysterious repetition of the word 'VENT' - once per line.
[edit] Faithless Fourteen

Week: Temperance

  • Messages are included in the Temperance virtue updates on October 8th.
[edit] Part 1


  1. Daily inspiration for October 8th
  2. Muted portion of scripture narration in the devotional video
  3. Notes repeated at the end of Bryson's devotional video


  • Result:
[edit] Part 2


  1. Lila posts an old photo of Xander, saying he loved the Beatles.


[edit] Part 3
  • Lila is prompted to copyright the Faithless Fourteen, which Xander wrote, in an effort to thwart the Citizens of Virtue who used them online.
[edit] JWTSC Endnotes
  • The scripture references noted at the end of each chapter's endnotes seem unrelated to the chapter itself.
  • Using the chapter and verse numbers as indexes to the letters of the book names themselves, a message is formed:
  • Following the instructions leads to
[edit] Help save the seven
[edit] Lila's Signature
Lila Greene
KJV SoS 'henna'
  • KJV refers to the 'King James Version' of the Bible
  • SoS refers to
  • 'henna' is
  • in the KJV, 'henna' is
  • Solution:
[edit] Daily inspirations
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